How can faith leaders support Dream Act?

To the Editor:

I read in the newspaper an article called “Faith Leaders support the Dream Act.”

What reality do these faith leaders live in? They care so much for the children of illegal aliens. Where is there compassion for the millions of Americans who are desperately looking for jobs, young Americans graduating from college, unable to find decent jobs? It seems these “leaders” would rather see illegals gaining these jobs after taxpayers subsidize their college tuition.

Of course, they will accept much lower pay than real Americans. And to top it off, they will become citizens and bring all their families and relatives to the USA. Of course, most of these family members won’t speak English, will get taxpayer funded healthcare and welfare, and sit back and laugh at the stupid gringos trying to support their families

Have these leaders watched the news and seen the rioting in European countries over tuition costs being raised and benefits reduced? Do you think that American workers, who swallow their pride and accept charity at the food banks and have lost their homes, are just going to sit back and take this? Instead of finding decent jobs, they will see the children of lawbreakers taking these jobs away. They have no money to send their own children to college, but the doors are wide open for those who break our laws.

I’m afraid we could see “race” riots in our streets, and not by just desperate white workers but also African-American workers who are the hardest hit in this unemployment crisis. Obama will stop at nothing to turn this country into a banana republic and all Americans will be serfs begging for crumbs from the elites who will laugh at what they consider inferior human beings. Do you think it will only be white people subjugated? If they get the power, they won’t care what color or nationality you are. They look down their noses at the common folk and use the minorities to further their plans for total power.

Arlene Hemm


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