Looking forward to our own Hunger Games

To the Editor:

Have you heard the latest about our local sportsmen?

Well, it’s been reported that three elk were found shot to death and left to rot in the Cataloochee area. And let’s not forget (or “dis-remember”) those other incidents that have occurred in our county over the last few years: a bear was cornered and slaughtered on the Blue Ridge Parkway; a deer that was feeding routinely with a herd of cattle in the Hyatt Creek vicinity was shot out of season; and in Maggie Valley a wild eagle was killed.

These are the crimes committed that were covered by the local media. Who knows how many other incidents have occurred that we will never know about.

Is it any wonder why so many want a ban on hunting?

In the future, after all the game animals, foxes, coyotes, bobcats and others have been harvested, what will our camo-clad lowlife brethren go after — trophy-sized llamas or domestic goats with nice little racks? Or perhaps they’ll have another option — how about an NRA-approved version of the Hunger Games where all the outdoorsmen are let loose each fall with their noisy ATVs and dogs and can empty their quivers and 30-round magazines at each other.

Now that is something to look forward to.

Tom Barry


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