Ball fields bad use of tourism money

To the Editor:

Why on earth tap the tourism development funds in Haywood County for a ballpark that won’t result in increased revenues in the tourism marketing pot? Cherokee has tried with their expensive sport complex in Whittier and, as I recall, there’s not much revenue being generated for the tribe as a result although it was sold on the basis of softball and baseball tournaments coming there.

Tourism leaders can speak all they want, but where are the statistics to confirm increased revenues will be reality? This is grasping at the proverbial “straw” to find business for the tourism entities in the county.

Sounds like a happy day for local baseball fans, but a strikeout for the tourism folks.

On another issue, if I owned a business in Cherokee my insurance policy would include a rider for loss of revenues due to a “act of God.” During my years at Marineland of Florida this was one of the most important aspects of our annual insurance policy. It came to bear fruit many times with tidal programs along A1A, hurricanes forcing closing of the business, etc.

This is a “safe rather than sorry” part of doing business, and while I appreciate the rush to get Newfound Gap Road open again, I can’t feel sorry for the businesses who have taken this measure to protect their investment.

David Redman


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