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Moe Davis qualified to serve in Congress

To the Editor:

As a long-time resident of Haywood County and former contributor to your paper now residing in an Asheville retirement home, I write to commend Moe Davis as a candidate seeking to represent the people of the 11th District in Congress.

I recently had opportunity to engage with Moe (he is OK with us calling him that) in a small-group “face-to-face” (on Zoom) conversation and found him to be a remarkably well-qualified candidate. He came across as  intelligent, articulate, well-informed on issues, open to listen and committed to a high purpose. A retired military officer who served with distinction, he at the same time is a man of conscience who resigned from his post at Guantanamo in protest against the torture being carried out there. There are few among us who could serve us in NC-11 — and in our country as a whole — as well as can Moe Davis. Let us elect him!

Doug Wingeier