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Delayed Harvest regulations begin

Delayed Harvest Trout Water restrictions will take effect in North Carolina on Thursday, Oct. 1.

Until one-half hour after sunset on June 4, no trout can be harvested or possessed from these waters. Additionally, no natural bait may be possessed, and anglers can fish only using artificial lures with a single hook. An artificial lure is one that does not contain and was not treated with a substance to attract fish with taste or smell.

The restrictions apply to 36 different trout waters. From fall through spring, the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission stocks these waters with high densities of trout to increase anglers’ chances of catching fish during the season. The waters are posted with diamond-shaped black-and-white signs.

The full stocking schedule for the season was temporarily removed from the Commission's website earlier this year; however, the agency continues to post daily stocking updates at so that anglers can find locations of stocked waters each day.

While fishing, anglers should maintain social distance and take steps to prevent spreading aquatic nuisance species. Clean equipment of all aquatic plants, animals and mud; drain water from boats, live wells and equipment; dry equipment thoroughly; and never move fish, plants or other organisms from one body of water to another.

For a complete list of Delayed Harvest Trout Waters, information on regulations and trout fishing maps, visit the Commission's trout fishing page at