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Eager voters flock to Haywood polls

Early voting began across North Carolina on Oct. 15, and since then, large numbers of voters have descended on their polling places to cast their ballots early. 

A release from the Haywood County Board of Elections issued after voting ended on Monday, Oct. 19 showed that more than 7,800 people had voted at three Haywood County locations. 

That number doesn’t include any mail-in ballots, nor does it include overseas or military ballots. 

Clyde reported 1,461 voters, as well as 18 new voter registrations. Canton showed 2,452 voters and 38 new registrations, and the Senior Resource Center logged 3,908 voters with 83 new registrations. 

By comparison, during the 2016 General Election, in the presidential contest between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, 19,032 people voted during the entirety of the early voting period. 

Oct. 19th’s total means Haywood County is rapidly approaching the halfway point in terms of votes, while only being about one-third of the way through 2020’s early voting period, which ends on Oct. 31. 

For more information on voting, visit your local county board of elections website, or the state site,