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Is this how democracy dies?

Is this how democracy dies?

To the Editor:

Mark Meadows (former congressman from North Carolina and President Trump’s White House chief of staff) may very well have been the worst chief of staff ever and “an embarrassment to his former state and district” (SMN, Dec. 15, 2021), but that is not close to being enough to shame today’s Republican Party into doing the right things by the American people. It is my opinion, as a nearly life-long Republican, that the GOP of today has no shame and is beyond humiliation to the point of tolerating dishonor.

My mother dedicated her entire life to the Republican Party, the party of John Calvin Coolidge, Dwight David Eisenhower, Henry Cabot Lodge and Margaret Chase Smith (the latter two she counted among her friends). That party, composed of honest, decent and traditionally conservative Americans, no longer exists.

Today’s GOP is made up of Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy, Jim Jordan, and yes, Mark Meadows, men intent on retaining power no matter the cost. If that means ignoring long established law and precedent, if it means disregarding the Constitution, even if it means violating their oaths of office, most of today’s Republicans consider all those things a small price to pay for access to unlimited wealth, power and influence.

During the two impeachments of the former president I wrote to every Republican United States senator twice, several Republican representatives (twice) and other Republicans, asking them, begging them, imploring them, pleading with their better selves to put partisan politics aside and do the right thing. I didn’t change a single mind — and of that (regrettably) I have no doubt.

I did receive three responses, one each from North Carolina senators (Richard Burr and Thom Tillis), who offered substantively nothing, and one from Mark Meadows, who wrote the following: “I am committed to working on your behalf to hold the President accountable and maintain the Constitutional balance of power between Congress and the President.” I don’t know if I’m more angry that he told me a bald-faced lie or that he thinks I’m ignorant enough to believe it.

I truly believe that the present-day Republican Party is purposefully rigging the political system in its favor through gerrymandering and controlling the vote count. This will render majority rule and our democratic form of government effectively obsolete. It deeply concerns me that neither Democrats or the average citizen seem willing, able, or even remotely intent on stopping them. Is it possible this is what it looks like when a democracy dies and nobody cares?

David L. Snell 


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  • I feel the same way, it seems that most of our gov't representatives do not abide by the Constitution & do not serve the people. They seem to be using their positions to better themselves. I have thought that our elected officials need to have a limited number of terms in office. Elected officials should serve the people not their own bank accounts.

    posted by Donna M Knight

    Monday, 12/27/2021

  • Are you kidding me? David Snell from Franklin in your op ed blamed the republican party and Mark Meadows for ruining our democracy. It is a well know strategy of liberal democrats to accuse anyone or group of the same wrongdoing that they themselves are doing. The quote from SMN that you quoted as fact was in fact was taken from an "opinion" of someone else in another newspaper. The democrat party of today are the ones destroying our country! Open borders, defund the police, protect criminals over victims, leaving Americans behind in Afghanistan, inflation, are all the policies of the democrats! Not republicans.

    posted by Dennis Ford

    Monday, 12/27/2021

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