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Trump is indeed to blame

Trump is indeed to blame

To the Editor: 

This is in response to Dennis Ford’s letter  from the Jan,. 5 issue of The Smoky Mountain News. 

“I thought Trump derangement syndrome was cured.” 

No, unfortunately, TDS is still rampant among a minority in this country who credit Trump with any sort of worth. He’s the best, biggest liar in America since forever, and he can obviously fool some of the people all of the time. 

“No one cares.” Bogus. A majority of Americans wish to see justice done to law-breaking insurrectionists, both the participants and their inciters. 

“Why are we still talking about the former president?” I guess because he is still spouting his lies re the election that he so clearly lost, even though he whined before the election, and continues to whine well after his lies have been gutted, filleted and deep-fried. Oh, and there’s also the part about how he is ruling the GOPers. They don’t bother with a party platform, they wait for their fuhrerious leader to point to a target, which they are quite happy to abuse. That’s really all that the gopers can come up with. Well, there’s also their constant trash talking, dark moneying, gerrymandering and voter suppressioning. 

Liberal progressive Democrats will be the salvation of American democracy. GOPers have clearly gone the way of person worship. And the case now is, that person doesn’t have any merit whatsoever, just the ability to bamboozle. 

“... we are a republic, not a democracy.” And, the point? Democracy, “a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.” Sounds like the United States to me. 

“It has been proven there is fraud in elections.” Yes, there’s the Republican operative in North Carolina who not only did election fraud by collecting and misusing absentee ballots, but who also did Social Security fraud at the same time. Double header, lose lose! Fraud has always been detected and dealt with, and has proven to be irrelevant to the outcomes of elections. Hopefully, we’ll see a bunch of Republican state legislators going to jail for their obvious legislating to rig the vote. That is big-time election fraud. 

“So Donald Trump is to blame …” yes that’s correct, I totally agree. Jan. 6, 2021, the insurrection, would not have happened without Trump’s actions. Try and argue that point. I’ll wait. 

“An insurrection by definition is a violent attempt to take control of a government.” Dictionaries say “insurrection — a violent uprising against an authority or government.” Oh go ahead, just call it a “normal tourist visit.” Many people saw it, it was all well televised, and many of the participants have testified to their intentions, believing they were called to Washington, incited by Trump. 

“... we’re going to walk down, and I’ll be there with you…” NOT! His Jan. 6 speech was packed full of lies, situation normal. 

“This was no insurrection.” That is another lie, as is “... instigated by leftist infiltrators.” Come on man, stop your lying! 

“How can you say because of one man we as a nation are more or less doomed?” For my part I can say that the nation is in serious trouble because of Trump, but we also have Trump to thank for revealing the extent to which a minority of people don’t believe in America at all. Fortunately, we now have President Biden, a competent public servant willing to forgo any sort of trumpist drama, and just get stuff done, in spite of total obstruction by the GOPer Congress. 

“Trump had the border under control.” Actually, Trump violated human rights, with a total lack of decency or respect for law. That has always been his way of course. 

“The Democrats died with Kennedy and the party is no longer recognizable.” Wrong again, that’s just plain bassackwards wrong. The dead party of the Republicans has been circling the toilet drain since Nixon, and has finally made it through to the treatment plant with Trump pulling the lever. 

“Cancel culture, wokeness, liberalism, socialism, communism, anti-police leftists and Antifa had infiltrated our society long before Trump arrived. God help us.” Just like a loser, calling upon some mythic other to deliver them from their own incompetence. Quack all you want, the present danger to our country is perfectly clear. Conservative “Christian” right-wing Republican straight white racist radical extremist terrorists are the problem. GOPers from Nixon on have proven themselves incapable of governing. When will folks get a clue how rotten most of their elected GOPer “representatives” have become? 

Bil Aylor 

Bryson City 

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  • Everyone has a right to their opinion but with the Trump is to blame the writer may have been in a coma and that includes Joe Bidens long and odious political career!!

    It’s off how often and it would be a thesaurus that Joe Biden blamed Trump for everything yet uses Trump policies if not brings old Trump policies back into action which speaking of action was Afghanistan a success that Joe Biden claimed publicly??

    Sure Biden was caught during the Afghanistan debacle vacationing and eating ice cream and yes spending go look it up more vacation then work time but that’s nothing new but what was new was seeing our president Biden numerous times check his watch. Sure the press played that down same as all his horrific public blunders and racist gaffes a-go-go but I believe the veteran families testimony over Joe Biden any day. Here are some of this man the writer blaming Trump forgets.

    “If you don’t vote for me you ain’t black”
    “Poor kids are just as smart as white kids”
    “I may be Irish but I’m not stupid”
    “Stand up Chuck”
    “ What’s his name.. the general”
    To his usual nonsensical rants calling Kamala Harris more that once our nations president, telling the public he prophesied 9-11 not the second one with Benghazi and democrat Hillary Clinton, getting as usual Covid stats to unemployment stays totally wrong etc etc!!

    But let’s look at so far Sloppy Joes as some call him including myself dishes he has served the public.

    He has totally neglected our borders but seems super interested in the Ukstsine border. The last time Joe Robinette Biden went to our nations borders was well over a decade ago and that was reported just a drive by but let us forget project gunwalking debacle Fast and Furious Mexico border involving VP Joe Biden at the time deaths to the dirty list… Today for a year as president Joe Biden neglects our immigration crisis our borders crisis some few honest reporters call it are not secure and ghost flights all over the place some migrants shuffled and some deported to the dead still being found that border czar Harris was tapped to get to the root problem she also ignores!!

    Let’s not recall as fentanyl pours in our nation killing more than Covid on top of the other underreported human trafficking, gun smuggling, drug smuggling, immigration neglect to immigration backlog go look on folks trying for citizenship that is a record high over all other presidents yet Biden just shrugs off as does left leaning media and fans.

    Then let’s talk bills as pork barrel thesauruses abound with Democrats bills and also butter non transparency. The latest one Joe forgot as usual how bipartisan bills are passed so maybe needs to review how Trump did it over and over. Look at how our president refused the GOP talks for compromising in February and the ten republicans right that offered up and headed over to the castle, fort/ White House (that Biden had more guards than in Afghanistan that we were promised no Saigon yet at the White House he has more guarding and even though as senator was all for securing our border later refuses the wall well unless it’s around the White House)offering 60 votes right?? What does he do? Biden-He says nope.

    Now that just the beginning of this miasma with Biden on his incoherent reply. He next says he will veto if Congress doesn’t pass that spending bill.

    Now you also have to recall the democrats bill wasn’t transparent nor even public nor said to be written out just a blue print it was called or one could call it pork barrel but anyway Joe Biden later recanted not to connect the two bills then holds the bill hostage.

    Now this is just a drop in the deep state cesspool on democrat dirty agendas.

    posted by Kristen Warren

    Wednesday, 01/26/2022

  • Excellent article. Thank you for stating clearly what so many clearly know and think.

    posted by KT

    Wednesday, 01/19/2022

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