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A party adrift after Trump’s tenure

To the Editor:

Almost from the moment World War II ended, we have watched in horror as one dictator after another forced their people into submission, never imagining such a calamitous circumstance could occur in the United States of America.

The thought of that improbability is no more. Visions of our own leaders cowering under their desks in our own Capitol (the “People’s House”) a little over one year ago alerted us not just to the possibility but the likelihood that we face a genuine threat from inside our own country.

We have viewed, ad nauseam for over a year, the replay of what amounted to a presidential coup or (at the very least) a failed attempt to undermine the electoral process which many members of Congress seemed to embrace even as it put their own lives in grave danger.

The former president sabotaged public confidence in our electoral process by making it clear long before the election was even held that he would not accept the results if he lost (one of the very few promises he kept). His futile attempt to subvert the certification of the Electoral College results incited the deadly attack on the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021.

Trump’s activities surrounding the insurrection present religious leaders and Trump’s Christian following quite a dilemma. They have to decide whether or not to endorse Trump’s coup attempt, stand behind the “Big Lie,” and foster his commitment to anti-democratic practices, which include an armed attempt to overthrow the U.S. government.

 Their alternative — obviously — is to recognize the true results of the election, support the orderly transfer of power in our constitutional democracy and thereby acknowledge “God’s President” was a liar, a scam artist and a major player in the attempt to overturn a free and fair election he lost by over seven million votes. Their decision is still pending.

For the rest of us, the nightmare is not over. We have every reason to be concerned. I defer to Barton Gellman who succinctly declared in The Atlantic: “Technically, the next attempt to overthrow a national election may not qualify as a coup. It will rely on subversion more than violence, although each will have its place.” If laws presently being pursued by Republican legislatures across the U.S. are passed, ballots cast by voters will not decide the presidency in 2024. Votes could be discarded, the winner could be declared the loser and the loser certified president-elect. That will mark the end of American democracy.

In a functioning democracy — which many of us are old enough to recall having lived in — a grandstanding, opportunistic, narcissistic demagogue like Trump would have been long since judged a once-in-a-lifetime kind of miscreation and deemed most certainly unworthy of the exalted office of President of the United States. His ridiculous and corrosive lies distorting and demeaning everything that we once valued in America and cherished by freedom-loving citizens around the globe would be enough to disqualify and bar him from any political consideration.

However, somehow, for reasons yet to be clearly defined, Trump has managed (and in a relatively short period of time) to transform a once highly valued and principled political party into some kind of unethical, discredited, nonsensical cult.

Whether America and American democracy can (in a world as chaotic, unpredictable and demanding as ours) weather and outlast Donald Trump’s unparalleled assault on our way of life remains to be seen.

David L. Snell


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  • Great letter

    posted by Kathy Woodward

    Tuesday, 02/15/2022

  • Your post is risible. Trump made no assault on the election. The left, on the other hand, engaged in massive vote fraud in numerous states, with evidence of fraud in all 50 states. You can hang onto your hysteria as along as you like, but all it is hysteria. The Democrats have shown they are a grave danger to the country having managed to place a vegetable in the White House through their fraud.

    posted by Quartermaster

    Monday, 02/14/2022

  • So very true.

    posted by Juanita Dixon

    Sunday, 02/13/2022

  • Thank you!

    posted by Deni Gottlieb

    Saturday, 02/12/2022

  • Listen Mr. Snell and you listen good.... Joe Biden may have gotten 81 million votes, but 81 million people DID NOT vote for Joe Biden.

    posted by Lucille Josephs

    Friday, 02/11/2022

  • There is only one answer. And that answer is 'Lets go Brandon'.

    posted by Lucille Josephs

    Friday, 02/11/2022

  • You might just be an insurrectionist if you support the Republican Party. As a former long term Republican party member this fact saddens me to my core. You see, the Republican party no longer stands by, or for our democratic ideals of one person one vote.

    The Republican party no longer stands for Science, the Scientific method, verifiable facts, or even the simple events, and obvious things we view before our very eyes, or verify with our own ears.

    Instead, the Republican Party has devolved into the cult of Trump, and Trumpism. Without loyalty to any principles except hate, division, and the promise of violence, imprisonment, or worse to anyone who disagrees, or dares to stand up against them.

    The Republican party is without a platform, or purpose save the attainment, exercise, and maintenance of power. It has become a cult.

    No longer loyal to the ideals and ideas of Lincoln, Eisenhower, or even Regan who all sought, and fought to keep the sacred ideas of our Union safe. The ideas of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Rights protected from the overreaches of Tyrants, whether foreighn, or domestic through written Laws, fairly discharged under a Constitutional form of Government. A Government whereby We the People choose our Leaders periodically through the Democratic Process of voting.

    Spewing nothing but lies and wild conspiracy theories. Fleeing from the truth, refusing to cooperate with legitimate investigations, violating their Oaths of Office, these Republican office holders obfuscate and try to hide the truth of their complicity in an actual Seditious Conspiracy involving all manner of criminality.

    The Republican Party of today censures, and defames even it’s most loyal members should they dare to seek the truth, question these lies, or the liars who perpetuate them in their quest for permanent power over our lives.

    Admitting out loud for all to see that, yes, their goal was to overturn the 2020 Presidential election to keep their adored Leader Trump, and his sycophants in power in perpetuity. An attempted coup staged by an egomaniacal fraud of a businessman turned game show host turned politician.

    Locally, a twenty-six year old born with a silver foot in his mouth rode the shirtails of his idol into power as our local Republican Representative. Stricken with paralysis from a traffic crash, Representative Cawthorn practices looking tough by brandishing firearms and beating up saplings for his Youtube fanclub. Telling mothers to “raise up monsters' ' and professing fealty, even conferring the adulation of fatherhood upon his mentor and idol, the loser of the 2020 Presidential election, Donald J Trump.

    Those of us who believe in democracy, in one person one vote, we who cherish our freedoms, and believe in the rule of law, not lies and tyrants must choose.

    If you agree with the recent Republican National Committee's Censure of Members Kinsinger, and Cheney, and the declaration that those participating in the attack on our Capital were merely engaging in “legitimate political discourse”, then You might just be an Insurrectionist.

    posted by Robert D Taylor

    Thursday, 02/10/2022

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