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The facts about modern families

The facts about modern families

To the Editor:

This is in response to David L. Snell’s letter published in the March 16 edition. 

What I find “almost humorous” is your ability, like the many who think like you, to truly believe what you say and not hear the completely contradictory statements that roll off your tongue. On one hand you say “We’ve been doing it this way for 60 years, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” but you immediately turn to other hand and say “Well clearly this isn’t working, we need to be doing something else.” Pick a lane and stay in it.  

If you are not educated and professionally qualified to evaluate, diagnose, or even advocate for learning practices that are studied and developed by said professionals, then stay out of it. If there are experts in the areas of early childhood development with peer-reviewed studies and extensive knowledge weighing in about the subject matter in question, I would go with answer. Just saying. 

You also fail to discuss the underlying factors of poverty ridden communities and families that do not have the social or financial support to “rear” their children at home, so they rely on welfare, government, and school programs (which I’m sure you also oppose) simply to have childcare long enough to go to work. And that’s even if those programs will approve them. 

Education is the gateway out of poverty, and poverty is generational.  

Drive down the road and tell me how many Airbnb’s and second or third homes owned by people out of state you see? Now turn back down that same road and tell me how many RV parks you see where there are out-of-compliance “permanent residences” for families with two, three, even four children in two-bedroom RVs with no electricity or running water. Parents/guardians may be home “rearing” their children/grandchildren/nieces /nephews/cousins ... but that may not be best situation to be putting those children into. If those old enough to learn in a public education setting that is safe, stable, and affordable are able to, then they should. Otherwise, their children and their children after them will more than likely end up in the same situation. 

Additionally, the argument that “people used to get married, have babies, and just raise them” complete devalues and invalidates the situations of families of single parents, divorcees, widows/ers, those escaping households of abuse, same sex couples, etc. 

Your thoughts on the argument of how children need to be raised is also contradictory in that you say parents should be spending this time with their children “rearing” them but also “don’t give them too much attention.”  

Overall, it appears to me that your argument comes from a place of privilege and bigotry, and possibly miseducation. I would suggest the following readings:

• “Ask the Expert: Why is a Preschool Education Important?” by N.C. State University

• “The Facts on Pre-K,”

• “When Do Kids Start Preschool? A Comprehensive Guide,”

• “Is Your Child Ready to Start Preschool?”

S. Terry

Bryson City 

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  • "If you are not educated and professionally qualified to evaluate, diagnose, or even advocate for learning practices that are studied and developed by said professionals, then stay out of it."

    Not sure I have read a more ignorant statement. Apparently, we can only have opinions or knowledge of those things for which we hold professional qualifications? Ludicrous! Let's see, where might I come up with an example? I am not a biologist yet I know the scientific and physiological differences (yes, both) between a male and female. Go figure, I've no professional qualifications whatsoever.

    posted by Ken Brown

    Monday, 04/04/2022

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