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Letter writer wrong about Ukraine, Russia

Letter writer wrong about Ukraine, Russia

To the Editor:

The recent letter from a Sylva reader critical of support for Ukraine could have been written by a Russian intelligence agency. The assertions do not fit the facts.

First, the Russian invasion of Ukraine is not a “domestic situation.” The attack is that of one sovereign nation invading another without provocation. According to recent congressional testimony, there is no legal basis for this use of force. It is clearly an international crime known as aggression.

Second, Ukraine may not have a perfect democracy, but is any democracy is perfect? However, the current administration was elected in an open election. It replaced a corrupt regime supported by Vladimir Putin.

Third, Vladimir Putin is committed to building the Russian empire back to that of the Soviet Union. Russia had a short-lived democracy until Putin took control. Since then, he has been relentless in trying to expand his control either indirectly by supporting puppets or actual armed incursions. The idea that “seeking a closer relationship with Russia” would have changed this situation is ludicrous. Appeasement did not work well for Chamberland with Hitler, and it would not work with Putin either.

In addition to the crime of aggression, Putin and his generals are guilty of other international crimes, including war crimes and crimes against humanity. Repeatedly targeting children and other civilians violates the laws of armed conflict outlined in the Geneva Convention, the Hague Rules and other associated treaties and protocols. 

Crimes against humanity such as rape, murder and torture are obvious from the satellite evidence, on-the-ground observations, and testimonials from victims. 

Putin has no interest in negotiation. The only recourse is to stop his invasion by supporting Ukraine as much as possible and to hold him and his henchmen accountable within the international community.

Myrna Campbell


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  • Very well said. What WE are seeing is conquest. t. 'rump's buddy is having his troops kill and eliminate all the Ukranian men as possible while raping the women. The intended effect is the destruction of Ukraine as a country & the creation of a new country directly related to mother Russia. Just as Emperor Constantine used the easily subverted Trinitarians to rule his country while he banned the Gnostics and had their books removed from "the bible", so too did Hitler against the Jews and minorities. Now, so too Putin. With great help from "comics" tucker carlson, hannity & 'faux news plus other anti-liberal subversives who would spred the lies & falsehoods as has been done right here. Make no mistake. If it is true that an enemy of my enemy is my friend, it is no wonder right wing nut-jobs would support Putin. They hate "liberals" like OUR Founders. While clinging to the hopes that "Hunter's laptop" will bring down duly elected Joe Biden. While the "false witness" against Hillary as to "Benghazi" kept her from being Pres. "False Witness' will fail against Joe.

    posted by Chuck Zimmerman

    Sunday, 05/01/2022

  • Although I don’t support Putin at all, I do believe the mainstream media is hiding viral information to sway the American people to only take the side of Ukraine on this matter. The mainstream media has hidden the fact that Ukraine Neo-Nazi forces have been torturing the Ukraine citizens for years now with no policing from the Ukraine Government. There is tremendous corruption in Ukraine. Although most Americans will not believe this and will continue to believe the smoke and mirrors that are playing out in front of them. Without researching alternative sources to see through the lies. Just like the smoke and mirrors that played out the last 18 months over the Hunter Biden laptop. Which is now proven true. Americans need to do more research off TV and mainstream media because of the lies. Ukraine isn’t the innocent ones here. Neither is Russia. However the American tax payers are paying the price.

    posted by LaRegina

    Saturday, 04/30/2022

  • Thank you. Also, like everything, the history and the in-depth situation is so much more complex than mist people are aware.

    posted by Deni Gottlieb

    Saturday, 04/30/2022

  • Thank You. Well said. We all need to support democracy, even in Ukraine.

    posted by Stephen Brooker

    Friday, 04/29/2022

  • Thank You. Well said. We all need to support democracy, even in Ukraine.

    posted by Stephen Brooker

    Friday, 04/29/2022

  • Voices from inside Russia speak to threats, intimidation, or torture if you tell the truth about the war. Either your life is destroyed in Russia or you try to find a way out. It seems to be a Holy war that Russia is fighting to oppose the very way of life that we enjoy which gives us this platform from which we comfortably comment and which others seek to experience. This, combined with the cruel & inhumane actions by Putin, the clear & present danger to NATO nations, is enough to warrant our support.

    posted by Susan Bianchi

    Friday, 04/29/2022

  • Corrupt Ukraine President Zalensky wants to plunge the world into World War 3 rather than surrender his corrupt nation to another corrupt nation and save countless lives.

    posted by Lucille Josephs

    Friday, 04/29/2022

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