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We need to enact stricter gun laws

To the Editor:

I am a recent resident of the lovely state of North Carolina and am truly honored and grateful to live here. Yet I am also a citizen of America, and as such I need to believe that our elected officials — including senators Richard Burr and Thom Tillis — are working for the people they represent and are cognizant of the wishes of the majority of Americans.

The majority of us want common sense changes to the gun laws that will further protect and serve us. We don’t need to keep antiquated gun laws that no longer meet the needs of the public. 

When cars became unintended killing machines, laws were passed to protect us by requiring seat belts. When 9/11 occurred, security requirements made air travelers feel secure. To be sure there was some inconvenience and patience was required on our part, but both law changes saved countless lives without hampering us. 

Our country is devolving into a wild wild west, when outlaws governed and people lived in fear because there was no protection against bullies. Wealthy special-interest groups and selfish power junkies hold government elected officials hostage. Why? Whose interest is being served?

There is too much irrational propagandized rhetoric around the consequences of stricter gun ownership. People are reacting to jargon and perceived negative possibilities.  Instead, let’s act to obtain positive results. It is a practical act of love, like some parental rules that teenagers rail against, but which are necessary to protect them from harm. 

Choose life, not guns, and support a gun law change that will keep its citizens safe.

Thank you for your kind consideration to this matter. 

Cheryl Buchignani


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  • Deni Gottlieb, by the sound of your last name, I speculate that you are among that group of like minded individuals who can't stand opposing views.

    posted by Lucille Josephs

    Monday, 06/20/2022

  • Louise Joseph, you sound like such an angry mean person, maybe you ought to take a look at that.

    posted by Deni Gottlieb

    Saturday, 06/18/2022

  • I agree, thank you.

    posted by Deni Gottlieb

    Saturday, 06/18/2022

  • We don't need your kind here Cheryl. You are an interloper and a fool. Believe me, there are plenty of fools out there and you are just one of them. I'm tired of your kind. I've had enough. And most logically thinking folks have had enough with you and the rest of the emotional Leftist people. I don't fly anymore because I don't wish to be groped by an idiot in uniform or forced to take off my shoes and soil my socks. Remember what ol' Ben Franklin most famously said, "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety".

    posted by Lucille Josephs

    Friday, 06/17/2022

  • It's not the guns it the people. You act like there aren't any laws with regards to guns, but there are 1,000's. You say safeguards after 9 1 1 hasn't hampered us, have you got on a plane lately. You practically have to strip to get on, can't bring coffee or water from home, have to make sure we don't carry any liquid material in our carry on. I seen mothers with breast milk being harassed and a friend of mine who is diabetic, was told to remove her insulin pump. I think bigger deterrent is that some pilots are armed or their maybe an armed sky marshall onboard

    posted by Brian A

    Friday, 06/17/2022

  • Another outsider trying to tell us in NC how to live our lives. Maybe you should go back to a more restrictive state that suits you needs.

    posted by BT

    Thursday, 06/16/2022

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