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Tailgate Market has been around for 25 years

To the Editor:

The Waynesville Tailgate Market is celebrating 25 years of serving Haywood County. The longevity of the market is due to the growers, some who are first-time vendors while others have been a mainstay of 20-plus years. Main crops offered are, affordable fruits and vegetables. In addition one can find cut flowers, honey, nursery stock and black walnuts and a surprise item or two.

The market is now grower run, and all decisions are made as a group. Co-managers of the market are Steve and Judy West who have farmed and helped farmers of Haywood County for more than 30 years.

Some of our customers are old and loyal shoppers, some are new ones who are discovering the market and all it has to offer. Customers and vendors swap a lie or two, seeds, gardening tips and recipes. We know most by name if not certainly by face. Whether they are in town or out of town all our customers are welcomed and valued by all the vendors.

The market is certified for Senior and WIC coupons which can only be redeemed for fruits and vegetables. Most vendors are certified to accept coupons for vegetables and fruits that are available on market.

Market days are Wednesdays and Saturdays 8 a.m. to noon in the American Legion parking lot through Oct. 30.

Judy West

Market Manager