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Sponsored: 6 Ways to Save in the Dairy department

1. Instead of buying flavored milks, buy plain cow’s milk or soy milk and add your own chocolate syrup or chocolate flavoring powder.

2. Instead of buying flavored yogurt, buy vanilla yogurt or plain Greek yogurt and add your own flavorings like honey, granola, fruit jam, fresh or frozen fruit.

3. Use whole or reduced fat milk or soy milk instead of creamer for your coffee and tea.

4. Buy blocks of cheese and shred or cube your own cheese for recipes and snacks.

5. Have cottage cheese as a high protein snack. Stir in fruit, granola. If you prefer savory cottage cheese try mixing it with fresh, chopped tomatoes and cucumbers.

6. Buy an extra dozen eggs and hard boil them for egg salad, hard boiled egg snacks or to top tossed salads to add protein.

Leah McGrath, RDN, LDN

Ingles Markets Corporate Dietitian


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