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Truth, not lies, will keep us free

Truth, not lies, will keep us free

To the Editor: If we really seek the truth, we go to primary sources — those who originate an idea, policy, or program. Mr. Ford’s letter of January 4  relies only on sources proven repeatedly to push lies. Instead, he read the social media posts of his hero Trump and the few loyalists left from his occupation of the White House. He should have watched the testimony of law enforcement officers who wer inside the Capitol on January 6:

Republican secretaries of state and other top election officials who are Republicans all confirmed that the election was fair and the count accurate. Result: people who think like you have sent them death threats. Every challenge to the presidential vote count has been thrown out of courts, even those with Trump-appointed judges. 

Mr. Ford, it was an insurrection: “an organized attempt by a group of people to defeat their government and take control of their country, usually by violence” (Cambridge Dictionary). Please look up the definitions of “republic” and “democracy” in a credible dictionary or encyclopedia. Calling the U.S. a republic does not allow you to overthrow our government. Who defined “republic” for you? 

Of those arrested and tried for the insurrection, a number have pleaded guilty. If they were innocent they would not have done that. The evidence against them was overwhelming.  No “leftist” would go to prison to “infiltrate” a mob, as you claim, copying Tucker.  

Those thugs who filmed themselves bashing in doors of the Capitol and the House chamber, a sea of MAGA hats and extremist right-wing shirts, are Trump supporters from way back. Their own social media posts over several years damn them repeatedly. 

This mob’s own videos show them trying to crush a police officer to death. They wrenched American flags and flagpoles and fire extinguishers from walls and used them to beat and maim police officers. One hundred forty (140) Capitol Police and Metropolitan Police were injured, some with lifelong incapacitating injuries. 

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The insurrectionists murdered one officer. The insurrectionists nearly succeeded in hunting down VP Mike Pence after putting up a scaffold to hang him. Had those brave police, far outnumbered because your hero Trump and his appointees refused them help, succeeded, the Capitol walls and floors would have been a sea of blood. 

Evidence is overwhelming from Trump himself and those closest to him. Trump fomented the insurrection and allowed it to continue even after pleas from his daughter, his son, and some Republicans in Congress. More evidence appears daily. Mark Meadows’ emails and other documents given the January 6 committee add more proof. 

Apparently you and your cohorts watch only Breitbart, Faux Fox and QAnon. For all we know QAnon is run by Russia, the world’s expert in disinformation campaigns, the nation with the most to gain by the fall of the US.  

You committed these crimes, Mr. Ford — you and all sympathizers who are so truth-averse and naive that you only visit the extremist web sites that confirm your ignorance of American government and history. You follow media run by men who have only contempt for you and your family. To Trump himself, anyone not rich has always been a “loser.” He is the idol you worship, not the flag you desecrated, not the Constitution, not American tradition. 

Mary Curry 


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  • Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell breaks with RNC over Jan. 6: “It was a violent insurrection for the purpose of trying to prevent the peaceful transfer of power after a legitimately certified election.”

    posted by Mary Curry

    Wednesday, 02/09/2022

  • When Senator Mitch McConnell admits that the January 6 violent invasion of Congress was an insurrection, it was an insurrection:
    Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell breaks with RNC over Jan. 6: “It was a violent insurrection for the purpose of trying to prevent the peaceful transfer of power after a legitimately certified election.”

    posted by Mary Curry

    Wednesday, 02/09/2022

  • Look at you Lucy Lu. Laughing and all. A side most of us never see here. So much better than wallowing in your own misery isn't it? Proud of you!!!

    ..In case you didn't know
    Muse - a person or personified force who is the source of inspiration

    posted by Lucy Lus Muse

    Saturday, 01/29/2022

  • To the poster Helping Lucy Lu.... You make me laugh Dopey. Have a nice evening.

    posted by Lucille Josephs

    Saturday, 01/29/2022

  • I said someone, not me particularly. lol How did you come to such a nonsensical conclusion such as that Lucy Lu? When you didn't respond to my last post, I did think you crawled back from whence you came. Why didn't you respond? Was it those big words? Words are hard but if you strive to learn a new word every day, perhaps you too can become smart.

    Today's word is strive
    strive - make great efforts to achieve or obtain something.

    You're welcome!

    posted by Helping Lucy Lu

    Friday, 01/28/2022

  • Sorry to see that you missed me Bryon Anders. I'll bet you cried yourself to sleep many a night missing me and my words of wisdom. Don't worry. I haven't left. You Leftists haven't heard the last from me.

    posted by Lucille Josephs

    Friday, 01/28/2022

  • Lucy Lu! Where are you?

    There you are!! Slinging slander like the insolent you've proven to be. It's been a while since you poked your head up from the abyss of your own warped mind. I'm sure someone missed you. /s

    posted by Bryon Anders

    Friday, 01/28/2022

  • Hear, hear!

    posted by JUSTIN W POWELL

    Friday, 01/28/2022

  • It's amazing how you can distort the facts. How about the murder of a protester by a Capitol policeman who never faced charges? How about video of security opening the doors for protesters? Isn't strange that you have to label all of us murderers, when the 1 security death was a heart attack after the protest was long over?

    posted by Keith Kelley

    Friday, 01/28/2022

  • Excellent, Mary Jane!

    posted by j jacobson

    Friday, 01/28/2022

  • Try not to think too much Mary. Thinking appears to confuse you. Or maybe its just the result of too many Covid booster shots? Let's go Brandon.

    posted by Lucille Josephs

    Friday, 01/28/2022

  • Well said, Mary! Thank you! I sincerely hope that -over time- with calm, patient and consistent presentation of FACTS, those who have been fed the lies will recognize the truth.

    posted by Renee

    Friday, 01/28/2022

  • Yes ma'am! Thank you Mary Curry. Nice to see some sanity still exists in this county.

    posted by Margie

    Wednesday, 01/26/2022

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